March 8, 2015

Session Time @ Real 2 Reel – Bass Guitar In The Studio – Pt 1

Bill Turpin hosts this episode of Session Time @ Real 2 Reel Studios.  Bill discusses bass guitar and preparing for a studio session.  This is part 1 of a multi-part episode and focuses on basic string types.

Bass Guitar In The Studio - Part 1

March 7, 2015

Session Time @ Real 2 Reel – Mic’ing a Guitar Amp – Pt 1

James Cobb and Will McPhaul host this episode of Session Time @ Real 2 Reel.   The episode focuses on mic placement when recording a guitar amp.  This is Part 1 of a multi-episode series on mic’ing a guitar amp.  This episode shows 4 mic placements on a single speaker and the sonic differences of each.  Download the 4 audio examples.


January 31, 2015

Session Time @ Real 2 Reel – Mastering Overview

Online now – Session Time @ Real 2 Reel – Mastering Overview episode

Steve Rawls discusses the mastering process.  Why do it… what’s involved… what’s needed… what do I get back… how loud is loud….  All of these questions and more are answered in this episode.

Mastering Overview


January 28, 2015

Session Time @ Real 2 Reel

Session Time @ Real 2 Reel is a new in-house video series.

The videos will offer advice and instruction on studio preparation and techniques.  Episodes will address a wide range of topics from pre-production through post-production.  The Session Time introduction video is completed and online for viewing.  We expect to add one new episode per month.  The videos will post on YouTube (linkable from our site; choose “Session Time” from the menu) and the programs are available on Real 2 Reel’s YouTube channel.  Subscribe to the channel or the Session Time playlist to receive notifications of episode updates.

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December 24, 2014

Johnna Jeong’s “Solo Me” CD

Atlanta based guitar player, Johnna Jeong has been working as a performer and instructor for a number of years. With an eclectic background in Classical, Jazz, Blues, Latin, and popular music, she maintains a busy schedule as a musician. Performing as a soloist for Weddings, Private Events, Country Clubs, and  also in various ensembles throughout the Southeast. In addition to being a solo artist and working in other music collaborations, she is also a committed music educator.

Johnna Jeong websiteHer 2014 solo guitar CD release “SoloMe” has inched it’s way to US and Canada’s radio play.  “SoloMe” is a collection of Latin, contemporary, and original guitar compositions and is now available at CD BabyAmazon, CD Universe, and  I-tunes.  Her CD was recorded at Real 2 Reel .  The project was engineered & mixed by James Cobb and mastered by Steve Rawls.

A recent review from Minor 7th Music: “In her debut CD, Johnna Jeong opens a window to her soul by giving us a glimpse at the music she holds most closely to her heart. “Solo Me” is a collection of Spanish/South-American compositions, as well as several works composed by Jeong, all of which gracefully bridge the gap between classical guitar, jazz, and popular styles. The album as a whole has an immediate and broad appeal, all the while exploring immense musical and emotive depth. All of the selections feature distinctive rhythms, bold compositional gestures, and haunting extended harmonies. Jeong displays an effortless command of the instrument as she navigates the complex interpretive language that this style of music demands, bringing to life the spirit of this powerful and unique genre. “Solo Me” is a perfect introduction to Jeong, showcasing not only her outstanding playing, but also the music she holds most dear. © Timothy Smith”

November 21, 2014

Real 2 Reel Studios Masters Collective Soul’s 20th Anniversary Release

Collective Soul's 20th Anniversary Release

Nov. 2014 – There’s a long history between Real 2 Reel Studios and Collective Soul, a history of family, friendship and work.  We are proud and excited to be involved in the post-production of their newest release,  “See What You Started By Continuing”.  The CD was mixed by Shawn Grove and sent to Real 2 Reel Studios for mastering. Steve Rawls mastered for three different release formats: CD, iTunes and vinyl.

The CD marks the multi-platinum artist’s 20th anniversary.  The band released “Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid” in 1994 as their first studio album that included the rock anthem “Shine” that shot to international recognition and double-platinum status.  20 years later the band has released seven #1 radio hits and sold more than 10 million albums across the world.

The long awaited 9th studio album “See What You Started By Continuing” fully embodies the journey that Collective Soul has taken musically and personally throughout the last two decades.  “As a band we have experienced and developed so much as musicians and people in the last twenty years,” commented Collective Soul frontman, Ed Roland.  “This album represents a full circle, coming back to the roots of Collective Soul, and continuing to build on the music that we started making from the beginning.”

November 20, 2014

Blackberry Smoke “Leave A Scar” Charts on Billboard


Blackberry Smoke “Leave A Scar” Charts on Billboard

This is a great live concert recording from Blackberry Smoke.  The DVD is outstanding!  The double audioCD and 2-disc vinyl releases sound great!  Real 2 Reel Studios did the surround mix and mastering for the DVD release, and mastered the stereo mixes from Shawn Grove for the double audioCD, iTunes and the limited edition U.S. 2-disc vinyl.

The release charted last week at 17 on Billboards Top Country Albums.

The release charted at 128 on Billboards Top 200

Check it out!!!


October 8, 2014

BJ Wilbanks at Real 2 Reel Studios

BJ Wilbanks at Real 2 Reel Studios continuing the work on his new CD. Jonathan Beckner is engineering and producing the project. Today’s work was all acoustic (upright bass, guitar and drums).

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October 5, 2014

Micah Stampley at Real 2 Reel

Micah Stampley at Real 2 Reel

We had a great time today at Real 2 Reel with Micah Stampley and several of his singers for an in-studio photo and video shoot.

As discussed in a previous post, Micah’s new CD, “Love Never Fails“, has been nominated for two Dove Awards this year.

Photos by Caleb Varnadeaux


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September 30, 2014

Micah Stampley Dove Award Nominations

Micah Stampley has been nominated for several Dove Awards.

Micah Stampley Dove AwardMuch of his newest release, Love Never Fails was recorded at Real 2 Reel Studios. Will McPhaul shared engineering duties with Asaph Ward during the sessions.

Click here for several videos taken at our studio during the sessions.
It is always a pleasure to work with such fine people and talented artists.

Congratulations Micah!