Post Production

Mastering / Restoration:

Mastering in “A” is nothing short of amazing with technology for restoration, superlative reverbs and hardware (and software) based mastering tools. We do surround up-mixes and restoration from stereo masters for many DVD re-release and compilation projects like; Kansas, Electric Light Orchestra, Hall and Oats, Ashanti, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, Foreigner, Martina McBride, Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Tony Bennett as well as many motion picture soundtracks.

Surround Mixing / Mastering:

Control Room “A” was designed for working in surround. The room features the System 6000 from TC Electronic for mixing and mastering in all surround formats. We can mix in surround from multi-track sessions or utilizing the System 6000 we can “create” a Surround Mix from an existing Stereo Master. This is indispensable for DVD releases of classic product that only exists in stereo… sometimes even in mono.

Audio For Video:

Our work has been featured in numerous film and television productions. From 30 second jingles to full length scores, we serve our clients needs. We do this not only for our productions but for other production companies as well. We understand frame rates, pull-up/pull-down, etc. That means you won’t have any unwanted surprises at the 11th hour.

Custom Music:

Our staff and session players create custom music for production use. We have tracks available in our library at reasonable rates for both non-exclusive and buy-out licensing.

Format Conversions:

We can accept and convert material from many older analog formats and convert to virtually any of the digital formats. A major use for format transfers is to take older analog recordings and transfer them into the digital environment for archiving and /or enhancement.