The Studios at Real 2 Reel Recording Studios

Real 2 Reel Recording Studio Atlanta Room A is a beautiful, 25′ x 32′ room with 16′ ceilings, hardwood floors and is surrounded by three Iso booths. The room was designed by Les Duncan and features “tunable” architecture. The hinged panels allow control of how big the room sounds.

There is isolation between the control rooms, isolation booths and Studio A is achieved with a triple wall construction at Real 2 Reel Recording Studios. The ceiling of the main room is covered with diffusion panels providing a fabulous ambience! The isolation booths range from small to medium and a booth large enough to cut drums.

However, most drummers see and hear Studio A and DEMAND to cut in the live room.

Our Atlanta recording studio Real 2 Reel wiring was laid out so that Studio A can be used with Control Room A or B.

Control Room A:

This is Real 2 Reel Recording Studio Atlanta’s perfectly tuned Les Duncan designed room which is ideal for stereo and surround projects. Enjoy monitoring with the tight precision of our Dynaudio monitors or the massive sound of the custom Les Duncan bi-amped soffitted mains. For the maximum recording options and quality, you may elect to use our

  • ProTools HD3 Accel
  • iZ Corp’s RADAR 24 with Nyquist I/O
  • Ampex 2″ 24 track
  • Trident Console
  • Mac Pro Quad Core
  • EastWest Symphonic Platinum, Choir, Pianos and other sample libraries
  • Reason
  • Waves Platinum
  • API EQ and compressor plugins
  • Avalon, Amek, Neve, API mic pres
  • UA 2-1176 and 2-LA2
  • Empirical Labs Distressor (x2)
  • dBX 160
  • TC Electronic System 6000
  • Surround Mixing and Mastering
  • Custom Les Duncan mains with stereo 15″coaxials/15″subs
  • DynAudio BM-15A near-fields
  • Miller and Kreisel bass management
  • StudioComm monitor controller

Control Room B:

  • Pro Tools HD3
  • Waves Gold
  • Mackie D8-B
  • True Audio and Bellari mic pres
  • TC Electronic System 6000
  • DynAudio BM-15A near-fields
  • Assortment of MIDI gear