Real 2 Reel’s Remote & Live Recording Equipment:

  • Radar 24 Recorder with Nyquist I/O (x2 for 48 track capacity)
  • 24 Channels of Audient ASP008 Microphone Preamps
  • Yamaha 01V96 digital mixer for monitoring and live mix to CD
  • Alesis Masterlink ML9600
  • 24 channel Radial isolated splitter (Jensen-transformer coupled)
  • Supplemental room microphones by Charter Oaks and Earthworks

remote image for web

Our system is a self-contained, turn-key, 24 track recording studio; ready to go wherever you need it, whenever you need it. We are capable of recording 24 tracks of audio with the iZcorp Radar 24/96 Nyquist system. Two systems are available, increasing the track count to 48. We can provide you with a live stereo mix on CD immediately following the performance and/or take the multitrack recording back to our Control Room for final mixdown in Pro Tools or to any place of your choice.

Our system is very compact and perfect for recording performances at concert halls or small venues. Our Radial splitter provides an isolated feed of the microphones on stage to our mic pres and sends a direct signal to the front of the house engineer giving both parties complete control of their respective mixes. When more ambiance is needed we can pull from our selection of tube and solid-state microphones to add just the right flavor to complement your sound.

This system is designed for recording bands as well as the tasks of tracking acoustic ensembles such as choirs, orchestras, and jazz groups in their location of choice.